Concrete Core Drilling & Solutions


The mechanical process that involves drilling perfect round shaped holes in concrete, precast concrete, asphalt, brick, cinderblock, floors, walls and other structural materials is called concrete core drilling.
Diamond core cutting tools are the preferred equipment in this process. The tools drill round holes into horizontal and vertical concrete surfaces. Once the drill is complete, a slug of concrete is removed. This is the simplest way to describe the process of drilling and concrete removal.
This type of process is often required in utility penetrations where plumbing, heating and electric wiring are required to pass through. The major task of such equipment is also provided for underground constructional work like vault taps and manhole taps. Core drilling is the major aspect in providing passage to water pipes, sewer lines, steam pipes, computer lines, phone lines etc through concrete structures. Holes can be drilled in between sizes from 10 mm to 600 mm from different angles.
The concrete drilling equipment has steel tube fabrication and diamond segments attached at its drilling end. The operation for the drilling process begins when the equipment is attached to the floor or surface with help the of vacuum pressure, anchor and bolts. Core drilling machines make use of an annular diamond-impregnated drill to cut a cylindrical core of the material or stone.
Such machines can be categorized into electric, hydraulic and pneumatic depending upon the task provided, such as dry or wet core drills. Thus, the performance increases by drilling holes through tiles, concrete, granite, countertops, ceilings, walls, refractory bricks, floors and concrete anchoring systems. Today, advancement has facilitated handheld core drills used by professionals.
Always seek professionals and licensed service providers for core drilling. Beware of unlicensed people who like to operate themselves using rental equipment. Unlicensd self-operators can lead to accidents, and can hamper the integrity of the complete structure. Hiring a professional company ensures a safe and effective service delivering cost effective solutions.
Drilling is most often not the straight forward task it may seem. There are a number of high-tech machines available that provide different outputs as per individual requirement. The different types of machines significantly increase performance compared to older more traditional equipment. Thus, new technology has made the process less complicated for professionals. This allows for efficient drilling through concrete, blocks, bricks and stones.
By applying the suitable machine the process of core drilling is made less complicated and more efficient. Licensed operators working must undertake certain measures to ensure complete safety.
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