Diamond Core Bits and Blades What Makes Them Cut Faster and Last Longer?


Selecting the right Diamond Core Bits and Blades for your application is a key to obtaining desired diamond drilling results. Diamond Core Bits are used for core drilling concrete, cutting into highways, runaways, dams, building bridges, walls, floors, drainage pipes, pavers, and field stones. They are manufactured to tackle a broad range of applications, for a variety of drilling jobs including high reinforced concrete and other masonry materials.

Consider the following tips affecting Diamond Core Bits and Blades performance

1. Types of Bits and Blades:

Diamond bits and blades are manufactured by brazing diamond segments to the end of a perimeter of a steel disc or to the end of a steel tube. Each diamond segment comprises several diamond particles held together by a metal bond. Different drill bits are used, depending on the material being drilled. To cut types of concrete, manufactures vary the composition of the size and concentration of diamonds, metal bond and its types. Usually contractors prefer to professional blades engineered to the highest specifications. This blade utilizes the extreme high strength, thermal stabilized Saw-Grade Diamonds in the segments. And we – Super Cutting, one of the biggest diamond tools manufacturer in China, all of our products focus on the professional cutting, drilling user. Our website: www.supercutting.net

2. Costs of the Bits and Blades:

Cost is also one of the criteria affecting diamond blades and bits longevity and performance. Having a laborer endeavor for this sort of job with a drill and hammer entails more time than the use of diamond drill that was earlier employed. You need to know what is more important: initial cost of the blade or the total saving cost. Depending on the nature of your work, requirement and convenience, you must select the blades and core drill bits. For instance, where small cutting job is required, you can buy the economy blade. And we - Super Cutting, can provide all range products with the most competitive price.

3. Factors affecting cutting performance:

Type of Aggregate

Soft aggregates such as limestone will cost less than cutting concrete with hard aggregates. Since, hard aggregates shorten blade life and slow the cutting rate, so cutting concrete with a hard aggregate such as quartz will cost more than cutting concrete with a soft aggregate such as limestone.

Size of Aggregate matters

Size of aggregate is an also important factor determining what makes diamond cutting blades and bits cut faster and last longer. Some basic materials used in construction are sand, gravel, crushed stone, slag, and recycled concrete. Aggregates are the basic input materials to concrete and asphalt, as well as base materials under foundations and roads. The size and type of aggregate have a great impact on the overall hardness of the concrete, and the aggregate can make up as much as 75% of the total volume. As a general rule, larger aggregates tend to make the concrete act harder, slowing your cutting, and vice-versa. Also, the type of stone used as the aggregate has an impact on the hardness of the concrete as well.

Operating speed

There is an inverse relationship between cutting speed and blade life. If a saw operator makes a change, such as increasing cutting pressure to make a blade cut faster, blade life will tend to be shortened as a result. Likewise, if an operator wants to extend the blade's life, he can reduce cutting pressure and cut slower. Each job is different, and the labor cost also needs to be added to the equation to arrive at the most cost-efficient solution.

With a detailed planning and understanding, you can successfully select the right power core drill bits to make a difference in the success of your drilling operations. There are perfect bits/blades for every buyer in the market. The catch is how to find it. Today's contractors, and manufacturers involved in the diamond core operation encounter a wide variety of applications and challenges. The mounting speed of the ever increasing and advanced materials transform the way we look at the diamond core bits industry.

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